Power Systems Analysis We calculate the green electricity grid for you

Power Systems planning for existing and new power grids

Power Systems analysis form the basis for power grids and power supply security. Grid losses, assets reliability and contingency analysis, short-circuit fault levels, transient and voltage stability are all the main indicators, when it comes down to the high optimization potential that appears when the constantly growing energy demand introduce new challenges in the existing power grids.

VD Hochspannungstechnik executes for you, analysis of power systems for all voltage levels. We implement the industry established standards such as DIN EN, VDE and IEC. Through grid optimisation, our engineering firm enables you to improve network performance key indicators without additional Investments.



Following analysis we execute for you:

  • Load flow and Short-circuit current analysis as per DIN VDE 0102 / IEC 60909
  • Protection Coordination Analysis
  • Voltage Stability analysis
  • Optimisation and dimensioning of cable systems inclusive of ampacity analysis versus operating environments
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Insulation coordination and Overvoltage protection measures against lightning strikes, switching transients and sudden loss of grid assets
  • Motor Starting analysis
  • Transient Stability analysis
  • Small-signal Stability analysis
  • Cable Systems Thermal withstand capability
  • Motor Starting Current and Torque calculations
  • Protection schemes selectivity & security verification

We are utilizing engineering software’s such as ETAP www.etap.com, PSS/E from Siemens AG, Integral from FGH, PowerFactory from DIgSILENT, and NEPLAN from ABB AG ww.neplan.ch in order to execute various Power System studies.

Through our active membership in VDI, VDE, Cigré and IEEE, we are well familiar with all the latest and relevant engineering Norms and Standards.

For CT´s dimensioning and Power Systems protection purposes, we are using the software CTDim from Siemens AG.

We are a member of the European EMTP-ATP User Group e.V. www.eeug.org and using the software EMTP-RV and EMTP-ATP for Study purposes.

Ampacity analysis and estimation of heat loses for various cable systems is done trough FEM (Finite Element Analysis) methods.