Power Systems Studies We create the basis for your decision

System Studies are the first step in the process of making strategic decisions.
We are there to support you, all along the decision-making processes!



Each study is preceded by a basic evaluation and preliminary planning

  • Existing Assets condition assessment
  • Consulting for Personal, Logistic & Materials, Structure and Competence Requirements
  • Decision making support for selection of Project team members and project organisation
  • Feasability and Profitability verification
  • Cost-Benefit analysis
  • Preparation of Project Concepts and Drafts
  • Capital Investments, Financing, ROI and Costs estimation
  • Preparation of organisation charts, project schedules, milestones and timelines


Our Portfolio includes the following Studies

  • Feasibility studies of Voltage Uprating for electricity networks of all Voltage levels
  • Planning and optimisation of electrical utility networks
  • Efficiency improvement studies and operational losses optimisation for electricity Networks of all Voltage levels
  • Study and design of Transmission system tie-ins for various Power Plants
  • Studies of Extension and Restructuring of Utility networks
  • Reliability analysis and comparison of various options with regards to Utility networks structure
  • Relay protection studies for all Voltage levels
  • Stability analysis of large Power Systems
  • Design of Load shedding systems and Networks de-coupling analysis
  • Motor Starting Dynamic analysis
  • Relay setting calculations for Large Generators and Motors Protection
  • Concept Design for Wind farms and their Distribution networks tie-in
  • Selection of Surge Arresters and Insulation coordination for all Voltage levels