Protection Relay Testing Safety for humans and systems

Relay Protection and metering devices testing to ensure your system reliability and operational safety

For System Operators of plants such as Transmission Substations, Power Plants and Distribution Substations, it is recommended, that the correct operability of the network protection devices (protective relays, metering devices, communication components) must be verified cyclically in accordance with the standardized guidelines and established practises. These protective relays ensure the operational safety and system stability if operational limits or nominal values are exceeded.

As an experienced engineering firm, we have test engineers who have the necessary know-how to execute testing sequences on relays from all manufacturers, to calculate protective settings on the basis of specific network conditions in the event of occurring faults and to optimise these with the aid of simulations.

The protection settings and testing of protective devices requires expert knowledge and the utilisation of high-quality and accurate testing systems. For this reason, we exclusively use products from “OMICRON electronics”.

The relay protection technology is of great importance for a reliable power supply and system stability. We therefore have the most comprehensive practical knowledge of all relay parameters, types, protection schemes and their necessary test verification.

Our Portfolio includes the following services

  • Production and utilization of automated testing sequences (OCC templates) of Overcurrent, Impedance, Distance and Differential Relay Protection Schemes
  • Recognition of Faults mechanism and Root Cause Analysis
  • Production and optimization of periodic inspections and maintenance concepts as well as applications of a transparent inspection methodology
  • Testing of Automation Systems and GOOSE data communcation as per IEC 61850
  • System-modelled protection testing through simulation of faults and events in the upstream/ downstream electricity Networks
  • Testing of pick-up/ drop-off settings & curves
  • Testing of trip settings/ tripping curves
  • Testing of Inrush blocking, harmonic restraint and overexcitation functions
  • Testing of SOTF function
  • Testing of Reclosing function
  • Testing of earth fault detection schemes
  • Practical usage of tailor made testing sequences on SIPROTEC, RELION, MICOM, MULTILIN, SPRECON, EAW, BASLER, SEL and Reyrolle Relays.